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I'm Nicole *waves*

☆ 21
☆ Taken <3 10.7.10
☆ Bisexual
☆ BC, Canada
☆ Pierced
☆ Inked
☆ Lotsa pets
☆ Career: radio broadcasting!


Nicole Nightmare
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In a relationship
January 31, 1993
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"My dream has always been the same since I was a kid, to somehow show people life through different colored lenses. Now more than ever I feel it’s important to see that way. We need to be aware that the warped perspectives of television, Internet, and magazines are sometimes poisonous. I cannot walk down the street without feeling I am being subjected to some constant sales pitch on what we should look like, smell like, dress like, or even worse, what we should be like."
—Nikki Sixx
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